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Key take over has suddenly stopped working?

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I've had fortin remote start for about 8 months, while I was driving it suddenly the dash went flashing. And I stoped turn off the truck and started it again normally. Then when I went to try to remote start it everything worked until the key take over. When i pressed on the brake its just shuts off now.

Normally what I do is remote start x3Lock, then unlock and close door, insert key and turn to run position, and then wait 5 seconds and then press brake pedal and shift and go. But it has suddenly stopped working. Has anyone else had a similar situation.

The parking lights come on, I have all the recommended settings for my truck. I have updated it to its recomended.


2016 ram 1500 ecodisel. tip key
asked Mar 3 in Ram by Robbie Scott (140 points)

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Dash flickering is caused by a bad CAN-BUS connection. If you have T-taps or any style plastic connectors on them, redo the conneciton. I would suggest not using any plastic connectors and doing a proper splice connection.
answered Mar 3 by Robb (232,460 points)
Can bus connections are soldered. Dash doesn't flicker anymore just once it happened.