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Remort start doesn't work

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Hi,I installed EVO-ALL for Ford explorer 2016 OEM alarm.

firmware 71.35 I flashed my FLASH LINK UPDATER2

stand alone.3Lock start.OEM REMORT ON D1

options-Evo Alarm enable

Install was no problem.Same corlor wire and postion than instllation manuals.

But it doesn't work.

Alarm work led flash when lock or unlock.

alarm work when shock detected.

but no remort starting.

red led flash when lock button 3X.but no respond my vehicle.

same status when negative signal for start/stop external Yellow/Black wire.

it looks try remort start but no work.


At Programming,The install manuals tell "Press the START/STOP button once...The RED LED will flash rapidly 10X times.

But my programming,RED LED flash about 5X times.

I don't know it relataed this problem.



asked Jul 21, 2016 in Ford by Muneaki Saiga (130 points)

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If this vehicle has no OEM alarm, it may not have an OEM hood sensor.


Look for a connector at the hood latch. If there is no wire in it, or if there is no actual switch in the latch, you will not get remote start without modifying the factory wiring.


What can happen is that the vehicle's computer will think the hood is open ieven if it isnt, and will not permit remote start.


To test, unplug the connector from the hood latch (assuming its there) and take a piece of wire and stick it into both holes effectively shorting out the wires. Then test remote start. If it works, then thats the problem.


Typically though, I have only seens the no-hood-switch situation on base model F150's with no power locks. . But it possible on the explorer.


It sounds like programming went accordng to plan by flashing the done light for a moment.
answered Aug 27, 2016 by JEREMY JOHNSON (1,820 points)
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Where you hooked up the yellow wire in the 20 pin connector is very important, this wire needs to be tested with a digital voltmeter.

 Please tell me what voltage you have on the yellow wire with:

1. Vehicle OFF =

2. Push 1 time on Push to Start button (ACC) =

3. Push a second time on the Push to Start button (IGN) =

4  Push a 3rd time on the Push to Start button (vehicle shuts off) =

5. Please note on step 4 if the voltage on the yellow wire shuts off right away after shutting off vehicle. =


Does the ignition on the vehicle turn on? Any messages on the vehicle's cluster?

Thank you,
answered Jul 21, 2016 by Rico (53,940 points)

I got IGN wire form BCM black 22pin connector.

Your installation manuals instruct me.

I didn't mesure voltage,I'll check next time.

but I check that IGN-off=no flash my voltage tester pen.

Push start button one time.IGN-on=It flashses.


by the way,

I didn't know any messages on my vehicles's cluster,but roomlight and other turn off at the instant in programming time.

programming time

Solid blue LED ----all connector insert----press PTS button one time,IG-on.

about 2seconds after from IG-ON,my vehicle charp from mater cluster and flash room lights.

Maybe it will IG-OFF at that instant.

Do you think that becase RED LED flhas about 5times at programming time?
please verify the ignition wire with a digital voltmeter, you description of "it flashes" does not tell us if the wire you connected the yellow wire (ignition pin A1) to is a true ignition wire.


Also double-triple check that your can wires (Grays and Oranges) are connected to the right set of can wires, Gray and Gray/Black has to connect to Gray/Orange and Purple/Orange

and Orange/Green and Orange/Brown connect to White/Blue and White respectively, if any of these can wires are not connected properly or have intermittent connections this will prevent proper programming.


also once you try to remote start, the evo unit will try to start 2 times, after the 2nd failed attempt, the red led on the evo unit will flash a series of codes, please note this down and state it here.