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What harness do I purchase to install Crimestoppers LC-4 into 2008 Jeep Wrangler?

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I wish to install a Crimestoppers LC-4 remote start module in my wife's 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Auto Trans, with electronic keys.  We live in Alaska, and there's not a lot of technical folks near us, so I'd like a plug-and-play harness.  Which harness would you recommend for this installation?

Thank you.
asked Dec 16, 2013 in Jeep by Richard Cleveland (130 points)

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Hi Richard, to facilitate the installation on your Jeep Wrangler you should use the THAR-CHR5 T-Harness with an EVO-ALL for your Crimestopper LC-4. Here is the install guide number #7711. Just type it in the search heading and it will bring you to the installation guide. Use connection 'A' for data-link connection with your Crimestopper LC-4. You will have to hook up the purple wire from the T-harness to the Green/Red wire pin A18 on the EVO-ALL 20 pin connector, and the yellow wire(ignition) from the EVO-ALL  pin A1 to the yellow wire of the T-harness. The two yellow ignition wires( EVO-ALL and T-harness) also connect to your remote starter ignition (main).
answered Dec 17, 2013 by Richard Cleveland (8,270 points)