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Door locks not working

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I recently installed the INT-SL+  in my wj 2000 Grand Cherokee in conjunction with Crimestoppers Cool Start via data link.

Remote start works fine however doors won't lock or unlock. INT-SL+ has firmware 3.01

Any ideas on how to fix this ?
asked Feb 21, 2014 in Jeep by Wayne Cheers (220 points)
edited Feb 21, 2014 by Wayne Cheers

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Hi Wayne,


Door locks should work automatically as long as its not a regular Cherokee. Especially if all other features such as brake/tach/door status work, the door locks should also work.


I would try reprogramming the INT-SL+, but do not do the step that you need to hit the lock button on the remote starter remote. All this does is lock the unit in datalink mode.

Next, try grounding either the Light Blue or White from the INT-SL+ to see if the door locks lock or unlock.
answered Feb 21, 2014 by Robb (232,460 points)
selected Apr 30, 2014 by Robb
Door locks Not activating.
Thanks Robert I've tried all of that.... nothing happens when grounding.. Any other ideas ??

Should it matter that it is Right Hand Drive ??
Right hand drive?

It`s very much possible that the unit would not be 100% compatible on non north american models.
I'm in exactly the same situation. same components, same vehicle (RHD) and same issue. Is there a solution to this yet?

The only solution is to wire the door locks.